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From eric b <>
Subject Re: [Code] strategy for "child works spaces"
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 17:40:14 GMT
Hi Armin,

Le 5 déc. 11 à 16:58, Armin Le Grand a écrit :

> 	Hi Eric,
> On 05.12.2011 16:22, Armin Le Grand wrote:
>> Hi eric,
> [..]
>> Ah okay, have not done exactly that yet. I mostly D&D Svgs to a  
>> freshly opened Draw/Impress, save and reload it (also Writer). I  
>> have to check what happens when saving as Svg.
>> Currently my workspace is corrupt (svn cleanup saying to use svn  
>> cleanup

>> :-(), so I'll need a moment...


> Have now opened SVG directly from start screen -> I get a Draw with  
> centered Svg graphic object.
> Saved as, given a name -> saved as *.odg
> Reloaded -> all works, Svg is in reloaded file
> Tried to Save as and choosing SVG -> not possible, SVG is not in  
> the selection.

FYI, On Mac OS X, I got it.

The process:

Drag an .svg file over the startcenter -> it opens a draw page,  
containing the centered .svg.

File -> Export ...

Select ".svg"

Got a screenshot   : 

> Thus I guess You used 'export...', there You can select SVG (and to  
> only export selected objects, but I did not) -> Creates a SVG  
> export file containing the Svg as Bitmap (<image x="3533" y="6566"  
> width="13934" height="16567" xlink:href="data:image/png;base64,
> Not perfect, but working (using the already existing Svg exporter).


> Hmm, looks pretty complete to me,

Some other tests I did :

1) I downloaded the full OpenClipart archive, and open a lot of .svg  
(no, I didn't open all ;)  . No problem so far. Seems to work very  
well, at least for all the files I opened.

2) Opening an .svg containing gradients, I played with the zoom,  
until a big value, and the only strange issue I saw was sort of  
spatial filtering, say spectral effect, like aliasing in the areas  
containing the gradient. After some tries, the phenomen occurs every  
times for some well defined zoom values (sorry if I'm not clear).

Other remarks : one people wrote me the import works fine with the  
penguin, but there were some glitches. Excepted the gradient, I  
didn't see anything wrong. Do you confirm ?

> embedding the Svg when exporting Svg would of course be better, but  
> it's existing Svg export code and I will have to check first if  
> this would be possible...

Ok. anyway, I confirm it works very well already !!  (Windows build  
is slow as hell ... maybe tomorrow morning, if no other breakage  
occurs in meantime)


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