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From "Jomar Silva" <>
Subject Re: About the Former Native Language projects
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2011 23:09:08 GMT

On 2011/11/13 20:48 Claudio Filho <> wrote: 

>This is a general vision of many people, and i can talk about the old
>brazilian volunteers, that are following this list.
>And more, after a campaign here, in Brazil, about the lack of code's
>participation, was widespread the idea of "is better don't help".

No, this wasn't the message spread in Brazil. The message was clear about *solid contributions*
to the project, instead of the good-and-old cheap talk that we used to have.

Simon was with me on FISL were we showed the major challenges of the project at that time,
explained how to contribute and also presented our shared view about the future of the project.

>Out of this second topic, that is a local problem, we saw this "code's
>profile" as preference and without a place for other things.

If you (and the people you are claiming to represent) are really following the lists, you
should be aware that non-coding activities are being discussed here too in the past months
(but our major focus was on getting the repository alive, the IPR cleaning done and the first
builds working).

>Now, with Louis bringing this questions for discussion, i believe that
>can be a mistake/misunderstand from us. And this thread clarifys for
>other people that could have the same vision.

Us who ? Are you talking on behalf of someone else ?


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