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From drew <>
Subject Re: i112141 - Reintroduce color codes for mime type icons
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2011 04:43:54 GMT
On Mon, 2011-12-26 at 14:29 -0300, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
> Hello *,
> you can find unofficial, untested and unstable builds
> in  
> Unfortunately, the only way to really test this is installing AOO system
> wide, overriding your current installation in order to test
> desktop/system integration; so anyone willing to test this, will have to
> reinstall the stable version afterwards.
> Note: a friend reported that installing only the Spanish language pack 
> on Windows 7 didn't enable the language to be selected on the Options 
> dialog, he had to install another language pack and only then both 
> appeared in the list box (I didn't try this, so I can't confirm it).
> Regards

Thank you - that's great.

Went ahead and used the binary files from there into a custom build at
SuseStudio , so for those that would like to try that along with the
latest OpenSuse 12.1 OS, you can deal a VMware/VBox image: 
- that requires you to register an account for download 
- so also have a opy of the image available w/o such a requirement[2]

As quirks would have it the mimetype icons aren't used at all, but I was
playing with the new SVG functionality...very nice..

here's a list of what is in the VM configuration..

OpenSuse 12.1, Gnome 3

Apache OpenOffice 3.4 dev build

      * Full Language Sets, incl help files
              * English (default)
              * Deutsch
              * Italiano
              * Español
              * Français
              * 日本語
      * Software Development Kit (SDK)

Additional packages

      * OpenJDK6 / SQLite3 / InkScape
      * Google Chromium
              * Adobe Flash player
      * Oracle VirtualBox Guest Extensions

Release notes
includes latest 3.4 binaries, produced by Ariel, pre-installed
Apache OpenOffice – Unofficial, untested and unstable builds

Known issues

      * Gnome 3 fails to load fully
      * Office application icons in Gnome menu fail to load properly
      * Japanese language settings not available from AOO options dialog

Thanks again wishes,


    MD5: d039abe0c8b7125ed453cba172becd94

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