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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Time for the ASF to send an Open Letter?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 16:40:58 GMT

--- Lun 19/12/11, Michael Meeks <> ha scritto:

> Hi Pedro,
> On Mon, 2011-12-19 at 06:32 -0800, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> > > I'd prefer to see myself as part of the freedom
> loving,
> >> non-corporate dominated group of hackers having
> fun.
> >
> > And that's fine because you are not me. I am real
> > engineer (Mechanical) BTW ;).
>     I find your jokes somewhat hard to parse; I wonder
> whether this quip, juxtaposed with you as 'navy' and
> me as 'pirate' is intended to read as
> a qualitative comparison of the relative depth of our
> experience, professionalism, or product quality. I
> would build my defense of that, not on my MEng (Cantab)
> but on my decade of mistakes in the world of
> Free Software ;-) [ and still learning ].

Please don't take anything personally. I just find it
amusing that your signature says you are a pseudo-engineer,
and on the other side of the coin I am proud to be an
engineer. In my case being an engineer has nothing to do
with software so I sort of get a different feeling where
the "pseudo-engineer" thing comes from.
I guess we are each other's nemesis?? ;-).

> > And you still have more to do: surprisingly AOO is at
> this time
> > the only GPL-compatible OpenOffice codebase. (OK, I
> haven't
> > looked if Neooffice removed the GPL-incompatible code
> but ...
> > who cares about them).
>     Looks like a nasty nucleus of potential
> FUD. If you are aware of some
> licensing problem, please send a reasonably detailed
> notification to
> some official contact point;
> might be good for that.

Quite bluntly, the licensing issues TDF may have are not
something I care about but I have warned some LO developers
in private of the issues we have found. Concretely:

- The lcc preprocessor we replaced with ucpp.
- The use of (GPL-incompatible) LPPL in some stuff in
  the dictionaries. This was known in OOo but is not
  an issue in AOO anymore.

> > > That in no sense means we will be 'based on
> Apache
> > > OpenOffice Incubating' - we will not be.
> >
> > There is no way around that.
>     So you appear to think :-) the work is
> not yet started; no doubt you'll
> enjoy the result.

I am glad that you found a solution that works for
you, the AL2 is indeed made to have the code useable
for everyone.


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