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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Time for the ASF to send an Open Letter?
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 14:32:41 GMT
Hi Michael,

--- Lun 19/12/11, Michael Meeks <> ha scritto:

> Hi Pedro,
> On Sat, 2011-12-17 at 16:38 -0800, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> > And it's usually so much easier to take. Steve jobs
> > had a famous quote about that that I don't remember
> > very well ;-).
>     But wait, did I confuse you with the
> chap who suggested that Apple's
> non-contribution back to FreeBSD was simply wonderful ?
> :-)

I said exactly that :). What is so difficult to understand?
Take all the changes you want from OpenOffice (respecting
the license of course), and don't look back.

> > It's rather interesting that for AOO the
> > legacy is essential. We are different from OOo in the
> > freedom given by the Apache License but otherwise we
> > are the continuation of the SUN/Oracle legacy.
>     If you want to see yourself as the
> continuation of SUN/Oracle - I think
> that's a reasonably apt description :-) I'd prefer to see
> myself as part
> of the freedom loving, non-corporate dominated group of
> hackers having fun.

And that's fine because you are not me. I am real engineer
(Mechanical) BTW ;).

> > had a good quote for this "It's more fun to be a
> > pirate than to join the navy."
>     Yep; I want us to be different from the
> horrors of the past. I don't want a single company
> choosing a 'meritocracy' for me,

And that's fine again. I don't have traumas from the past
(or email) and the stuff I do is not
sponsored by any company. In fact, I do only what I want,
can't be any freer.

>     Yes - sure; we need a one-shot partial
> re-basing/conversion/re-licensing to get the code that we
> laboured on for many years under an acceptable, future-proof,
> copy-left license.

And you still have more to do: surprisingly AOO is at this time
the only GPL-compatible OpenOffice codebase. (OK, I haven't
looked if Neooffice removed the GPL-incompatible code but ...
who cares about them).

> That in no sense means we will be 'based on Apache
> OpenOffice Incubating' - we will not be.

There is no way around that. The new license headers are not
insignificant and are the main new AOO feature. It is not
a coincidence that Andrew Rist is the biggest committer in
the (admittedly short) AOO history.

If libreoffice takes the license headers it becomes an
Apache OpenOffice derivative, if it doesn't take them it's
still an OOo derivative and is an ASF
trademark anyways.



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