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From drew <>
Subject RE: old colored vs new monochrome icons
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 02:48:21 GMT
Howdy Dennis,

On Thu, 2011-12-15 at 17:43 -0800, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> For what it's worth Part II: I just checked the installed-icon sizes of all 
> the LibreOffice ones, and they do just fine without any letters or wording on 
> them at all.  (They don't have the extra-large ones that will be shown if 
> available on Windows 7, so one of the smaller one appears at that size 
> instead.)

Sounds like a bug report in the making to me.

> I assume if ODF "branding" is used, those icons can be used by any 
> ODF-supporting implementation?

It was indeed discussed at the time, run up to the 3.2.1 release (yes a
minor bug fix :-/), the new 'ODF' mimetype icons arrived of promoting
the set of glyphs for general use by any platform/package/application
wanting to use them. At the time, IIRC, there were those that thought
this was best handled by folks more specific to the ODF standards
process - I suppose that meant OASIS, but can't speak for what others
were thinking.

For my part, I'd be all in favor of not asserting a copyright (meaning
allowing anyone to use) on the mime type icons - separate of course from
the application icons.

Though, am I wrong in believing that this is actually the situation
given the Apache License? 

Anyway, the idea of a body such as OASIS publishing their own set of
glyphs with a provision they only be used in products via certification
to a certain level of conformance is interesting.

Best wishes,



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