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From Michael Meeks <>
Subject Re: Neutral / shared security list ...
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 10:51:42 GMT
Hi Rob,

On Wed, 2011-11-30 at 15:14 -0500, Rob Weir wrote:
> >        Sure that list
> So, let's review.  You were a member of the list.

	Was I ? really ? if by 'the list' you mean (in its context) the list[1], then I'm afraid that you are
mistaken. AFAIR I've never been a member of that list. An unfortunate
omission, certainly. Since that decision was made (years ago), I've
become rather more active in this area - mentoring an (excellent) PhD
security researcher, reviewing & merging patches etc.

>  You left the list. This was entirely your decision.

	Given the falsity of this speculative assertion, it rather re-inforces
my point that:

> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 9:47 AM, Michael Meeks wrote:
>> A ~random sub-set of TDF folks are subscribed to it. Requests to
>> have an administrator for the TDF side to rectify it's composition
>> have AFAICS been repeatedly ignored. eg. I am not subscribed there,
>> and neither are some other of our security hackers. You were IIRC
>> suddenly made an administrator of it despite (as far as I am aware)
>> having never committed a security patch to the codebase.

	I notice that your response continues the ongoing train of repeatedly
ignoring requests for a TDF administrator for that (supposedly
oh-so-neutral) list. It also continues the train of presenting
speculation as fact.

	I don't recall un-subscribing from any lists in recent time. Perhaps
you can support your confident assertion with either some evidence, or
an apology ?

>   You then complain that list is not diverse enough because it
> has insufficient LibreOffice participants. Like yourself.
> Who just quit the list.

	Again - I have no idea where you get this stuff from. I admit it would
be a pretty silly move to un-subscribe & then complain about not being
subscribed; I'm saddened that you assert that I'd do that.

> Patient Meeks:  Doctor, it hurts every time I hit myself on the head
> with a hammer.
> Doctor Phipps: Have you tried using a different hammer?

	On the other hand - this is quite amusing ;-) Life indeed sometimes
feels like being hit on the head repeatedly with a hammer: perhaps it is
part of some (no doubt) much-needed "horns + tail" removal effort on
me ;-)

	There is the remotest possibility that recent transient mail rejections
caused some issue here at the SUSE side: they happen from time to time,
I can ask to have the logs dug over if it helps to establish the facts.

> If you think that your absence from the list is a problem that should
> be rectified, then maybe you shouldn't have quit the list.  Just a
> thought.

	How do you get so confident in these things you make up ? :-) 

	I'd really love to have a more constructive relationship with you; it'd
be great if you responded to my intermittent private requests for a
phone call to clear the air; there should be no need to quarrel about
such trivial things, it seems embarrassing and pointless.

	All the best,


[1] - it is hard to the conclusion that this is about securityteam@ - it
is the subject of the mail, the context, the quoted complaint is about
this list etc. etc.
--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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