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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: old colored vs new monochrome icons
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 19:56:11 GMT
There's a confusion about declaring a period for discussion/concurrence, which Ariel did, and
CTR which is simply doing it.

You can rely on lazy consensus either way (i.e., silence is consent).

Since Ariel did declare a time period, the idea is to actually make the time period long enough
to find out if there are really any objections.  The practice is to wait at least 72 hours
to allow for the international reach of the project.

I never know whether someone is using "lazy consensus" technically correctly when it is thrown
into a declaration or not, and I probably did not use the term correctly myself.  However,
if a response time is set, 48 hours is too short [;<).

 - Dennis

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From: Pedro Giffuni [] 
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2011 11:10
Subject: RE: old colored vs new monochrome icons


--- Gio 22/12/11, Dennis E. Hamilton <> ha scritto:

> 48 hours is too short.  The
> practice is a minimum of 72 hours for a lazy consensus. (I
> am not arguing against your proposal.)
I have no hurry to see this in but I do have to note that
this is exactly what lazy consensus is about:

" Lazy Consensus means that when you are convinced that you know what the community would
like to see happen you can simply assume that you already have consensus and get on with the
work. You don't have to insist people discuss and/or approve your plan, and you certainly
don't need to call a vote to get approval. You just assume you have the communities support
unless someone says otherwise.

We have a time machine (Subversion), this means that as long as you commit (or submit patches)
early and often the community has plenty of opportunity to indicate disapproval. If you believe
the community will support your action you can operate on lazy consensus as long as you are
prepared to roll back any work should a valid objection is raised."

No need to vote, no need to wait 48 hours, or three days
or whatever.


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