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From Armin Le Grand <>
Subject Re: [Code] strategy for "child works spaces"
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 13:48:27 GMT
	Hi eric,

On 21.11.2011 14:26, eric b wrote:
> Hi Armin,
> Le 21 nov. 11 à 13:14, Armin a écrit :


>> Interesting point. It may be useful to grep own cwses, or releases.
>> Thus something like
>> /cws/alg/svgreplacement
>> /cws/alg/...
>> /cws/someonelse/...
>> /dev/aoo340
>> /dev/aoo350
>> ...
>> would be nice. Comments, anyone?
> Sorry for my dumb question, but how things will work when several devs
> will work together on one feature ?

Just work together on /cws/alg/svgreplacement after (in this example) I 
have created it. The branch is practically not exclusively modifyable by 
be, it will just be a convention to only work on branches/cwses together 
after being somewhat invited, IMHO.

> Also, what about use the cws name first, then the Apache id ?

I would prefer cws first, this will give a less crowded which is a dood thing 
from my POV. This makes all cwses appear in cws, thus you will not have 
to scan all names in for 
what you are looking. In former developent we had somewhat of 150-200 
cwses open, thus i would definitely prefer them to be in an own path, 
and even add the developers name to it.

Thus, in where you will 
naturally look for orientation you will have something like


but not a list of 150-200 branches in the works.

> Could give :
> /cws/svgreplacement/alg
> /cws/svgreplacement/another_contributor

This would mean that another_contributor is not joining to work on 
svgreplacement, but has branched it to do his own things with it. 
Possible, but hopefully never needed :-)

> Please be gentle if I was plain wrong :-)
> Regards,
> Eric


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