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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: Anybody interested in TestTool? I wrote a Java lib to replace it.
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 10:58:51 GMT
Hi Liu,

you are welcome! The QA people here will benefit of your contribution. 
VCL testtool has been used to avoid regressions and to assure that 
broken resource files are found before a release because broken resource 
files cause an application crash. VCL testtool used a VBA dialect to 
attract even people who are not that experienced in programming as it 
would be needed if C++ or JAVA is used to program test scripts. UI 
testing is important because it can detect problems eg. related to 
display/printer drivers better compared to API based tests because the 
user interface is used.

Kind regards, Joost

Am 16.11.2011 03:29, schrieb Zhe Liu:
> Hi all,
> Vcl TestTool is used by GUI automated testing for, but it
> has many drawbacks. Too many errors, difficult to debug, maintain and
> execute parallelly. I found many people mentioned this problem. Libreoffice
> has abondoned the tool. But I think GUI automated testing still is
> valuable. It can test the product more like the actual users.
> I has been working for long time on automated testing in Symphony project.
> I wrote a Java lib which can connect to the automation (automation module
> in source code) server in openoffice process and do GUI automated testing.
> The lib can be integrated with JUnit or other Java testing framework.
> Anybody interested in the lib? I can contribute it to community.
> Suggestion is welcome.
> PS, I am a newbie here. :-)
> Thanks.
> - Liu Zhe

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