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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [AOO 3.4 Test Plan Discussion]Overview
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 15:31:02 GMT
On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 2:58 AM, xia zhao <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think it's time for use to discuss and detail AOO 3.4 test plan now.
> Basically at current time I suggest:

Hi Lily, Thanks for the proposal.

>   1. Leverage OpenOffice users on General Usage test

For this to work we need:

1) Test cases that are clear and easy to understand

2) Test cases that can be run without requiring a  lot of preparation

3) Test cases that can be run without dedicating much time.  How can
someone help who has only 1 hour to contribute?

4) Test cases that can be run without learning a lot of other tools or processes

>   2. Focus on establishing automation mechanism. Start from Build
>   Verification Testing(BVT in short).

Is the the same as a "smoke test"?

>   3. Focus on test infrastructure set up. Start from case management tool.
>   For 3.4, place the test cases on wiki and volunteer can do general testing
>   against. If volunteer couldn't write cases, may give the test scope he
>   would do. For example, which component etc. And then report defects in
>   Apache Bugzilla.

Maybe we also need a "guide to writing test cases"?  Or point to
something that already exists for the project.

>   4. Focus on Performance Verification Testing(PVT in short)
>   investigation, and setup benchmark PVT environment.


>   5. Establish QA entry in AOO wiki


>   6. Build private build before official build is ready


>   7. Platform will be covered
>   - Windows XP
>   - Win7 32bit/64bit
>   - Where we only have a 32bit windows version, it should run against
>   62bit windows version.
>   - Redhat 6 32 bit/64 bit
>   - Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit/64 bit
>   - Mac 10.7
>   - Mac 10.6.x
>   - FreeBSD 9.0/8.2 (9.0 is suppose to release at 12/07/2011?)
>   - OS2

For platforms, maybe we think about them like this:

1) In order to preserve the value of the OpenOffice brand among users
and our reputation for high quality, we will have an official Apache
binary release only on platforms that have successfully completed the
QA plan that we all agree on.

2) Volunteers, based on their interests, will determine which
platforms are officially supported in releases.

3) Platforms that do not have enough volunteers to complete the test
plan would not have official Apache releases.  Or if we had releases,
they would be called "experimental" or some other name to indicate
that they were not fully tested.

4) Of course, anyone is welcome to take our official source releases
and make a build on another platform and distribute it.  But these
would not be official Apache releases.


> Welcome your comments.

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