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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]: hosting of source code that doesn't belong to the office directly
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2011 12:31:06 GMT
2011/11/30 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>:
> Hi,
> somebody has already asked for the OOo NetBeans plugin that is a useful tool
> for extensions developers. And it seems that there is interest to improve
> the plugin and make it ready for the latest NetBeans versions. The source
> code is part of the SGA but not yet available in our repo.
> I have a general question. Where do we want to host such code or such sub
> projects that are somewhat independent of the office code and should be kept
> separately from my point of view. Means i wouldn't check in these projects
> under trunk.
> Instead i would propose a further svn tree where we can host such projects.
> But i am not sure which name would be appropriate.

Maybe just call it "extensions" ?  This could be the root for
"standard extensions" that are produced by this project.  Some might
be app dev related. But we might have other standard extensions in the
future, e.g., a CMIS extension using Apache Chemistry.

> In this specific case it is a development tool for extension developers and
> i can think of a similar tool for Eclipse in the future. How about a further
> svn tree "devtools".

Another question is how we think these extensions would be released?
As part of (or in sync with) and AOO release?  If so, we might want
this under the same trunk dir, so they can be easily tagged and
branched with the reset of the AOO release.  But if we see these
extensions as having an independent release cycle, not tied to AOO,
then maybe they have an independent SVN tree.

> Any ideas or opinions?
> Juergen

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