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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Proposal for retirement of email forwarder
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2011 17:27:50 GMT
At some point (and we don't know that date) the Oracle hosting of the
* email forwarder will be shut down.    Users of this
forwarder will be disappointed when they hear the news. But they will
be far more upset if they do not hear about until their emails start
disappearing.  We didn't create this problem, but we're the best ones
to help reduce the pain of this shutdown.

Please note:  I don't want to discuss here the merits of shutting down
or not shutting down such a forwarding service.  That discussion was
made moot by an ASF Board decision against hosting such a
general-access email forwarding service like the legacy OOo had.  I
want to discuss how we can best notify users about this change, so
they can make necessarily changes on their end, and how we can
preserve continuity for some important email addresses on our end.

This is my proposal, one that I am willing to work on.  I welcome
help.  And if someone wants to make a counter-proposal that they would
rather work on, then feel free.  We can discuss.

1) Check with Andrew on the latest date where we can be assured the
email forwarder will be still in operation.  I don't want users
surprised, but neither do I want this to appear open-ended.

2) Write a blog post to notify public of the shutdown.  Review on
ooo-dev, then publish.  Encourage wide reposting of the blog post via
social media, legacy mailing lists, etc.  "Get the word out"

3) Work on a wiki page that has a list of common destination email addresses as well as the corresponding (or
closest matching) AOO address.

4) Work with Infra@ on a custom bounce notification that would be sent
in response to all emails. It would link to the wiki
page from step #3.  Coordinate this so it is ready on or before the
forwarder shutdown date.

Note: I am not proposing any automatic forwarding.  Automatic
forwarding would indiscriminately forward spam as well.  My goal is to
avoid that.  But it is a trade-off and there may be special
circumstances for specific lists.  But I think we can handle 99% of
them, along with all of the personal email addresses, per the above.

72 hours, lazy consensus, etc.


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