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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][WWW] Current Polish web site --
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 17:06:01 GMT
On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 5:19 PM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
> As many of you may know, per Dave's announcement about a week or so ago, we
> have a staging site of *MOST* (we're still finding areas that need to be
> "re-pulled" for one reason or another), of the (old) current OO.o site at:
> Right now, I have a question about the existing "pl" (Polish) site at
> Does anyone on this list know anything about the history of the Polish site
> -- why this group decided to basically make a duplicate of the
> site but translated? None of the other N-L sites have gone
> to this length so I'm just curious about it.
> Also, at this point in our migration plans, do we have anyone here who is
> willing to continue to maintain the "pl" site as it stands?

My general philosophy on this:

1) If there is something useful then it will have users.  Users are at
the base of the pyramid of a project.  If you have many users, then
you are healthy.

2) Of the users, a percentage of them will get a little more involve
and submit a defect report or maybe even a small patch or other wise
get involved a little more.  They are the contributors to the project.
 If they have a good experience with their initial contributions and
interactions with the community, then they may do more.

3) And of the contributors there is a percentage that will get fully
involved, sign the iCLA, become committers, and work more actively on
code, website, documentation, etc.

So anything we do to encourage more users, and to make it easy for the
users to become contributors will help us have more committers in the

Does this make sense?

So the question I have on the Polish website is, how are we doing for
users?  Do we know what the download stats are for the Polish version
of OOo?  If it is significant, I'd assume there are many visitors to
those web pages as well.  Unfortunately we don't have any page count
statistics for our website.  So we really don't have a good sense of
how much used these pages are.

In any case, what I am saying is this:  If it is useful and used, then
we should keep it and make sure we have a communication to those users
that let's them know that we always welcome their help in maintaining
that website, and explain how they can get more involved.


> Also note, this site has not yet been ported over to the staging site.
> And finally, I am having a few problems getting my recent changes to the
> N-L page to actually "publish" so no fun link from the staging home page
> yet.
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