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From Donald Whytock <>
Subject Re: Blog Draft: Migration -- The Community Forums
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 01:07:51 GMT
Nice effort put into this.  Some grammar-weenie-ings and thoughts...

-- "including of ones own posts" should be "including of one's own posts".

-- "Forum operation  More-experienced" should be "Forum operation.

-- "The Forums embrace all of the descendants of the original
StarOffice/ that have become siblings in the galaxy.  Tips and solutions in the use of one release
are often useful to users of a product cousin having the same
feature."  Given descendants and siblings, what is a "cousin"?  Is
this a term of art[1]?  Does it refer to a branch within OOo, or a
branch outside of OOo such as LO?

-- "The Community Forums are one way that the Web
connects users of products.  There are
additional communities across the Internet with similar concerns as
well as different specialties.  These can employ mailing lists,
Internet news groups, and other web-based forums.  The Web and search
engines bring the different resources of these communities into the
reach of each other and users everywhere.   The
Community Forums are now continuing as a substantial resource of that
extended community." Not sure this paragraph is as useful as a
statement that URLs have been preserved to keep existing search-engine
repositories useful, which the next two paragraphs come close to
saying.  On the other hand, it might look good on a "Where to Get
Help" page on the site.

-- Closing paragraph?  Something along the lines of, "See?  Wasn't
that cool?"  Or alternately, "Y'all come!"



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