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From Louis Suárez-Potts <>
Subject OOo Business...
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 19:48:00 GMT
I continue (naturally) to receive many requests from businesses (small
and large) to use the trademarked "" logo. I generally
pass on these, as there seemed, until very recently, a mystery on how
to proceed. I'm still in need of enlightenment, and would appreciate
some guidance.

* I think it's pointless to endorse "" at this point.
The probable name of its successor will be "Apache OpenOffice" or some
variant thereof. And that new name will come into play very soon
indeed. We will need to progressively inform all those using the old
logo/name/trademark to switch over with new installation sets.

* I would therefore like to be able to respond to those requesting use
of the trademark, etc., to wait a little bit, and then to return to
us—preferably to a wiki or even better, an automated service, such as
we used on OOo, for this. (The automated service allowed us to docket
requests and act more expeditiously, while also giving room for more
fully understanding the request. Otherwise, the requests were simply
sent to a list I set up for this and which John, Florian, and I
managed for several years, though it really seems like an eternity—and
John was doing much of the work.)


I also receive many (well, a few) requests and inquiries about
contributing to code. (Rob has been included in one
such.) Right now, it's a little easier to tell people what to do—join
Apache's lists for OOo in the Incubator, participate, contribute. But
not all requests are quite so simple. For instance, what about
templates? Extensions? I have no problem with telling people to join
the lists where the contributions are, and to proceed according to the
Apache way (tao of apache?) but perhaps there are other answers I
should give? (Oh, and I have no problem whatsoever with others taking
on this role. I've just been doing it as an extension of my previous
existence modulo OOo, not as an assertion of nonexistent authority.)


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