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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Foundation policy for email forwarding service
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 23:32:42 GMT
Hello everybody,

At the Board's face-to-face meeting here in Vancouver, we discussed
the issue of transferring [from Oracle to Apache] the set of
email-forwards for usernames in the domain. There are
certainly some legal concerns and some technical work to get through,
and I know the podling is working through that.

However, the Board felt it appropriate to set a general
Foundation-wide policy in terms of email forwarding services using the
Foundation's domains and brands. In short, *only* people directly
affiliated with the Foundation as a committer or Member are eligible
for email forwarding services using our domains.

The core of this issue is based on avoiding
confusion/misrepresentation based on sending email using our domains.
Just as I can no longer send mail using my old or addresses, we do not want to allow unaffiliated
third parties to send email using our brands/domains. Email addresses
using the domain are provided for all committers once they
are voted/approved by one of our Project Management Committees (PMC)
and have returned an Individual Contributor License Agreement. Email
forwarding addresses using our other domains (such as,, or would be subject to all the above
rules, along with technical input and support from Infrastructure. The
PMCs associated with these extra domain(s) may set additional
requirements/policies, but the general recommendation of the Board is
to avoid all email forwarding services beyond

If you have any questions, then please feel to contact myself or the Board.

Greg Stein
Vice Chairman, Director,
Apache Software Foundation

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