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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Time for the ASF to send an Open Letter?
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 07:51:25 GMT

On Nov 16, 2011, at 12:39 PM, Shane Curcuru wrote:

> On 2011-11-16 3:26 PM, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>> Hi Martin;
>> --- On Wed, 11/16/11, Martin Hollmichel wrote:
>> ...
>>> On 11/16/11 6:33 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
>>>> On 16 November 2011 16:56, Martin Hollmichel
>>>> <>
>>> wrote:
>> ...
>>>> What kind of a "release" are you talking about. OOo
>>>> releases can only be made from the Apache Software
>>>> Foundation. Perhaps you are planning a downstream
>>>> release that conforms to our trademark policy.
>>>> Please let us know your plans.
>>> we're offering to provide an interim release of
>>> 3.3.1 with a joint messaging of ASF and Team
>>> This would fill the gap between the 3.3.0
>>> release from beginning of this year (with some known severe
>>> issues) and the first AOO release in the future. I'm
>>> convinced that this proceeding will help strengthen the
>>> trust in / AOO.
> Based on the very little bit of information provided here on the Apache lists, I can't
see how your plans would possibly be approved by the ASF.
> Obviously, having more information about your plans, and being able to see your work
in the form of patches or commits to the AOO podling's Subversion tree would be a great start
to be able to do this kind of work.
> So my first suggestion is to start doing some of the actual coding work here, on the
ooo-dev@ list.  Then, work with the podling to show the PPMC that this is a good idea, and
deserves to proceed together with the excellent progress the PPMC is making on the 3.4 release.
> Then, if the PPMC has a clear consensus to work with such an interim release plan, we
can discuss any trademark, legal, or press/messaging questions you might have.

What is difficult for me to understand is that both Stefan Taxhet and Martin Hollmichel signed
up as Initial Committers to the Apache project, but have never signed an iCLA. There are many
more than four people involved.

The Team OpenOffice website must immediately acknowledge that is a registered
trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

The Team OpenOffice site must recognize the Apache project.

I don't think a joint statement is appropriate without properly respectful actions beforehand.


> - Shane
>> As much as we would like to do an interim release I am
>> afraid there are issues that won't make it possible:
>> - Apache releases have to be approved by the PPMC and
>> can only be released under an Apache License.
>> - The old OpenOffice.Org made available 3.4 RC, releasing
>> 3.3.1 would not give the right signal wrt continuity.
>> - The ASF, through the PPMC, cannot approve code that it
>> hasn't seen and AFAICT Team OOo hasn't been very visible
>> here in the community (sorry if I just missed it).
>> This said, 3.4 is advancing very nicely. I don't want to
>> hurry things but I think we are moving in the right
>> direction.
>> Pedro.

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