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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Hunspell dictionaries are not just words lists (+ other matters)
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 16:27:45 GMT
Hi Olivier,

Thanks for bringing your experienced perspective to the list!

On Nov 7, 2011, at 8:14 AM, Olivier R. wrote:

> Le 07/11/2011 16:53, Rob Weir a écrit :
>> Why would Apache care about that?
> Maybe just because you are an Apache member and you make a strong statement on an Apache
list about FLOSS you are willing to bundle in your software.
> I’d prefer an official statement about this point, if you don’t mind.

Rob is not an Apache Member, neither am I. We are Apache Committers and on the Apache
(incubating) PPMC.

An official opinion is a reasonable request.

On the other thread Andrea Pescetti had an interesting point of view that I think is the basis
for seeking an opinion from the Apache Legal team (made up of Apache Members)

Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:

On Nov 6, 2011, at 11:06 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:

> On 05/11/2011 Gianluca Turconi wrote:
>> 2011/11/5 Pedro Giffuni
>>> I have been looking at the situation of the dictionaries,
>>> and particular the italian dictionary.
>>> You are right that it will not be covered by the SGA.

<big snip>

>> An AOOo without a native language GUI and linguistic tools would be just
>> useless outside the anglosaxon world and, indeed, a rather disastrous
>> presentation of the new project for people who don't speak English.
> Sure, especially considering that the project description says that supports
110 languages...
> What I would recommend is:
> 1) Recheck the Apache policy and find out the rationale behind it; I have nothing to
teach to the legal team, but this is a very rare case where the "virality" of GPL does not
> 2) See if we can find a way to keep dictionaries as they are; note that no dictionary
is developed in the OOo trunk, they are synchronized from time to time, usually before a release;
the Italian dictionary SVN trunk, for example, is not in the OOo sources. Even just the possibility
to provide an extension that can be included in binary releases would be OK for me.
> 3) If there is really no way to include a GPL extension this way, then we should think
about downloading the extension at installation time. But we managed to get Sun and the FSF
agree to ship dictionaries in the most convenient way (i.e., included in the installer), so
we might succeed this time as well.
> Regards,
>  Andrea.


> Regards,
> Olivier

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