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From eric b <>
Subject Re: [CODE] issue 118576: Crash on close
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 09:24:09 GMT

Le 7 nov. 11 à 09:51, Andre Fischer a écrit :

> Hi,

Hi Andre,

> I have news on this, but not good news.


> The crash is not directly caused but triggered by the fix for issue  
> 112786. That issue fixes the config manager singleton to actually  
> getting destroyed when the office closes.  Not destroying it is not  
> nice but, to my knowledge, causes not observable problems.

That's probably why Caolan workaround uses boost shared_pointers. I  
adapted his patch to OOo, and there is no observable problem on  
Windows so far.

> Now that the config manager is destroyed, it checks whether there  
> are still any registered config items. There should be none at this  
> point but in reality there is one when no application is started  
> and about six when for example the writer is started and closed  
> immediately.

I didn't know the Writer case. Thanks for the info.

> Not wanting to leave anything behind the config manager destroys  
> the lingering config items.  Because the office is already half  
> down and the infrastructure for destroying the config items is not  
> in place anymore, that causes the crash.


> So, every remaining config item causes its own separate crash. Each  
> has to be fixed on its own. Some even cause secondary crashes when  
> a config items in its destructor tries to destroy the resources it  
> still holds.
> The root cause here is that the config items are registered but are  
> not unregistered.

Yes, so why not use shared pointers ? the refcount looks more clean,  
is automagicaly managed, and works apparently well.

Or maybe I misunderstood something ?

>   Fixing this issue means finding the owner of the offending config  
> item and make it properly unregister and destroy the item.
> Fixing this is a time consuming process.

Indeed, and will force to manage more precisely every item.

>   I have one item fixed (see the patch for issue 118576) and a  
> second one in the making. That means that four are still open. As  
> there are more important things to do right now, like getting the  
> conflicting IP stuff removed, I suggest to remove the patch of  
> issue 112786 and fix this properly at a later point in time.

Waiting, what about adopt a compromise, using the patch I wrote (or a  
better one) instead ?  See : 

Another question coming to my mind is now: can we integrate the  
patch, or must we write another solution ? (I tried to discuss with  
Caolan on IRC, but no answer yet)

Thanks in advance for any suggestion :-)


Note : I manualy added the changes, since the patch Caolan provided  
uses deep changes in cppuhelper, not directly compatible with our  
code imho.
The orignal link of the fix is : 

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