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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 23:16:20 GMT
Am 25.11.2011 15:16, schrieb Andre Fischer:

> On 25.11.2011 14:59, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> On 25.11.2011 10:38, Andre Fischer wrote:
>>> Hi Mathias,
>>> On 24.11.2011 18:04, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>>>> Just a dumb question: why do we think that the dicts are source code?
>>>> At least those without patches are distributed without any treatment.
>>>> We just package them. So where is the difference between an MPL
>>>> library and an MPL .dic file? Just the extension and the encoding of
>>>> its content.
>>> When we are just packaging them, then why not just provide the ready
>>> made extensions and either bundle them or place them on the extension
>>> repository. Which, by the way, already contains more spell-checking
>>> extensions than the dictionaries module?
>> Mainly because we package some content from our side together with the
>> dic files. That must be done somewhere, and until now it was desired
>> that this "somewhere" is inside the OOo build process.
> But what about the extensions in the repository that do not have a 
> counterpart in the dictionaries module?  They have to come from 
> somewhere, too.  I know, that it is a frequently used pattern in OOo to 
> have at least two ways of doing things.  Maybe we can use this occasion 
> to remove one?

If it was so easy.

Having dictionaries in the code repository was a way to make sure that
we can provide them even if noone else maintains the dic files and
packages them as extensions.

I agree that if we had a safe home for all the dictionary extensions it
would be easier to use the packages provided from there. The question
remains if there is such safe home.


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