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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 09:25:16 GMT
Hi Rob, all,

On 24.11.2011 18:50, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Nov 24, 2011, at 10:37 AM, Pedro Giffuni<>  wrote:
>> Hi Ariel;
>> If the comment on the Wiki has been approved by Apache
>> legal and not just an interpretation you guys are right.
> Weak copy left (category-b) like MPL may be included in our binary
> releases but not our source releases.   We can also automate
> downloading the source for these modules as a non default build
> option.
> We are not required to move MPL code from SVN.  But we should be
> removing GPL code since we cannot distribute that in source or binary
> releases.

I would like to clarify what it means that MPL code is part of the SVN 
repository.  At the moment, most category-b and -x code is provided in 
one of several archives that are downloaded during the configure process 
from  That means that up to now 
these archives have not been part of the SVN repository.  The 
dictionaries are one exception to this.  They are located in the 
main/dictionaries directory.

The server is not expected to 
live for much longer so we need a new home for these archives.  We are 
in the process (almost finished) to remove the category-x code.  For the 
remaining category-b code the SVN repository would be a convenient 
place, but every other server would do as well (from a technical 

That means that there already is a clear distinction between category-a 
and category-b code.  This distinction makes it easier to make a source 
release by basically just putting the main/ and extras/ trees into an 
archive.  No sorting out the category-b code is necessary.


>> I tend to be pretty strict in this type of issues so
>> please excuse me for scaring you all ;-).
>> Pedro.
>> --- On Thu, 11/24/11, Ariel Constenla-Haile<>  wrote:
>>> On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 06:29:42AM
>>> -0800, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
>>>> Hunspell is still the main spellchecker in AOO but we
>>>> cannot ship the italian dictionary and even the MPL
>>>> dictionaries have to be removed from the repository.
>>>>> Exactly, what do you mean by saying "You can go
>>> ahead and
>>>>> kill hunspell from the tree"?
>>>> We are not allowed to ship copyleft (strong or weak)
>>> in
>>>> source releases so the same rules about not
>>> download+patching
>>>> copyleft apply to hunspell.
>>>> Unless I misunderstood something?
>>> Task 1: Clarify legal usage of Category B (eg MPL)
>>> libraries
>>> Binary builds of libraries can be shipped with binary
>>> release of AOO.
>>> Source code of libraries can remain on an Apache server but
>>> (like
>>> ext_sources of old OOo.)
>>> BUT
>>> *  source code of libraries is not shipped in a source
>>> release of AOO
>>> *  instead it can be downloaded and built during
>>> bootstrap, but only when
>>>     developer uses a configure option that is
>>> off by default
>>> [end of quote]
>>> that's why rev. 1204995
>>> introduces:
>>> --enable-hunspell - off by default
>>> --enable-hyphen   - off by default
>>> * Category B sources are not included
>>> * Using system/building Category B libraries is off by
>>> default
>>> Regards
>>> --
>>> Ariel Constenla-Haile
>>> La Plata, Argentina

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