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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: Rationalizing two OpenOffice websites
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2011 01:04:43 GMT
Hi, Marcus,
Off-topic (re PS:), but couldn't resist.

On 11/24/2011 18:42, Marcus (OOo) wrote:
> Am 11/22/2011 06:54 PM, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:

>> I would rather preserve those URLs. The shorter ones are nice and the
>  > old ones could redirect to them. And I wouldn't do this quickly
>  > unless it is clearly a no-brainer and the redirect/rewrite works
>  > perfectly. It is also something that could be done independently of
>  > all the static-page remodeling that is needed.
> PS:
> How comes that the text is sometimes well formatting and like in this
> mail it's only one long unwrapped line.
> So, sorry if my hand-quoted text is worse.
> Marcus
Dennis hasn't set a word-wrap parameter for his outgoing messages. (The 
protocol write-ups I've seen recommend 72 characters or less.) The Tb 
client handles the original message just fine, wrapping the lines to fit 
the user's display width. Sending a reply, Tb leaves the long lines 
unwrapped, but quoted (edge-marked).

Tb does not handle /reading/ such a reply gracefully. It marks the first 
line as quoted, but not the wrapped line(s). I think I'll poke around in 
Mozilla Bugzilla; this sounds like a bug to me.


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