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From "Marcus (OOo)" <>
Subject Re: [AOO 3.4 Test Plan Discussion]Overview
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2011 23:57:42 GMT
Am 11/23/2011 10:58 PM, schrieb Joost Andrae:
>> 3) Platforms that do not have enough volunteers to complete the test
>> plan would not have official Apache releases. Or if we had releases,
>> they would be called "experimental" or some other name to indicate
>> that they were not fully tested.
> test cases should be separated into UI tests and into functional tests
> because UI test cases are needed to have some kind of get well plan (or
> release test) for localized releases and functional tests to go into the
> deep functionality of newly implemented features and to assure the
> quality of new code commits to existent functionality. In the past
> localized builds were mostly released by their respective
> native language teams after the "un-localized" en-US build has been
> released after finishing the functional QA.
> Localization tests for releases are important to assure that localized
> builds do not crash what may happen in case resource files have build
> errors like to have a turned bit in a resource file - an error that
> cannot be found in an functional test that is mostly done within an
> en-US build.

Additionally I think we will have to talk about how a release should be 
done in the future. How deep the testing has to be done for localized 
builds, how do/if we accept stopper that would stop the entire release, 
releasing all languages at once or in parts, etc.

> btw.
> In the past had a lot more platform builds released like
> Linux_HPPA (deb)
> Linux_IA64 (rpm)
> Linux_PPC (rpm)
> Linux_S390X (rpm)

Thats correct. These 4 builds (en-US only) came from Caolán McNamara. 
After the 3.3 release was done I've asked him beginnig of February but 
also for LO he hasn't done these builds yet. Also he didn't know if he 
would find the time for doing it again for 3.3.

In the meantime I think that the 3.2.1 builds will be the last that we 
will see for these platforms.

> MacOS_PPC (dmg)

Hm, maybe Maho will find a way back to his PPC. ;-)

> Solaris_Sparc (pkg)

No hardware -> no build -> no release.
But, hey, surprise me.

> Solaris_x86 (pkg)

Should be easier to find some volunteers because even in a VM this could 
be done.

As said also in the past, I'm open for any platform and language. I love 
diversity because it makes possible that everybody has a chance to work 
with OOo.


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