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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [CODE]: 118605 remove epm?
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 10:57:15 GMT

i would like to gave a short update.

I stumbled over problems using a downloaded epm 4.2 
(, build and install it on a Fedora 16 system 
(rpm based).

The epm call failed to build the rpm packages. It seems that epm 
triggers /bin/rpm with some parameters that are not accepted. I don't 
understand why at the moment.

I expect also problems on other systems (e.g. FreeBSD, solaris, ...). To 
move forward for now i plan to go back to use the version 3.7 of epm and 
apply our patches.

The plan is to handle it similar to dmake and investigate to a later 
time in more detail into the packaging process. I assume there is still 
some room for improvements ones the process is understand completely.

But at the moment i would like to focus and to move forward with the IP 
clearance. Means epm is only a build tool and not part of a binary 
release or a source release.

The idea is to download the source directly from the homepage and apply 
our patches and use it. Alternatively epm can be specified directly with 
the configure switch -with-epm.

Any opinions or ideas. I highly appreciate any useful idea that help us 
to move forward.


On 11/16/11 3:36 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 11/15/11 5:00 PM, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i am currently trying to build with a system available epm tool. And i
>> am right now building on a Ubuntu 11.10 with epm 4.2. Does anybody have
>> built with a system epm on a Linux system?
> a short update on this topic. I was able to build an office on an Ubuntu
> 11.10 using the system epm tool 4.2.
> With disabling a packagepool process in instsetoo_native the build
> finished and i got my deb packages. The difference compared to an
> earlier build is that the package names has changed a little bit and
> that i have directories with the same name in the .../DEPS folder which
> were probably the base for the packages. But that is a minor issue i
> would say.
> Anyway the installed office works and i have not yet identified a real
> problem. But that was to easy and i expect more problems on other
> platforms. Solaris (that i can't build) and a rpm based Linux system, ...
> I am no expert in this packaging area on all the different systems and
> may be we lose the relocation feature or something else. So if anybody
> has deep knowledge with epm or packing of deb or rpm packages and is
> interested to help, please contact me. Any kind of help is appreciated.
> Juergen

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