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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: [CODE] yes/no messages swapped in --enable-copyleft
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 08:10:18 GMT
On 21.11.2011 19:59, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> Andre Fischer wrote:
>> good point but please keep in mind that this is a temporary workaround.
>> Much work is currently being done ... the --enable-copyleft switch
>> will not live for very long.
> Thanks for the information, but since "configure" is writing a wrong
> (and potentially confusing) message, and the fix I sent is trivial and
> totally harmless, why not just fix it?
> It takes less to fix it than to discuss it by e-mail, and people
> experimenting with the --enable-copyleft switch will be reassured if
> configure gives them the proper feedback. And since I think that the new
> --enable-x-license (or whatever it is) section in will be
> copied and pasted from --enable-copyleft, it is probably good to get it
> right there even if it is going away soon.

You are absolutely right, and I would have applied the patch but I do 
not yet have commit rights.
I just did not want you to be disappointed when your fix is removed in 
(hopefully) a few days.


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