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From Peter Roelofsen <>
Subject RE:
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2011 20:48:52 GMT
The situation at is highly problematic. On the one hand it 
still has a large collection of very valuable posts, I believe largely 
in the Code snippets and Macros and API forums (the main reason why some 
people still bother to fight a losing battle against the spammers). On 
the other hand, spammers have free rein there, as moderators and active 
admins don't have sufficient powers to stop a spammer dead in their 
tracks. The only active admins at the moment are Andrew Pitonyak and 
JohnV - and they can't decently ban a spammer, they can only delete 
their account - so that they can make a new one with the same e-mail 
address. Moderators (I'm one) can only delete posts and threads, and 
lock, move and split threads, they can't stop a spammer.

In my view the best thing to do would be to have a script download all 
topics that are worth saving,m and after that inform the modes and lower 
admins to stop moderating the forum, so that the site admin, one Ed, 
will after a while close the place.

floris v aka Peter Roelofsen

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