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From Andre Fischer>
Subject [CODE] issue 118604 - IP clearance: Remove dmake source
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 14:42:58 GMT
Hi all,

finished the work on removing the local dmake source code.

dmake can now come from one of three different locations:

1. Pre-installed executable in the system search path.  This is detected 
automatically by configure.  No additional option required.

2. Executable in a non-standard location.  Use the 
--with-dmake-path=<path-to-executable> option to specify its location.

3. A source tar-ball somewhere on the internet.  Use 
--with-dmake-url=<url-of-tarball> to specify its location. It is then 
downloaded and built by the bootstrap script.

See issue 118604 ( 
for more details and the patches.

There are two patches in four files (I had to split the second patch 
into chunks smaller than 1MB due size limits on file uploads.) The first 
introduces the new options, the second removes the dmake source code, 
but you will want to apply both.

Tested on Windows, Linux, and Mac, but reviews are still welcome.

It would also be nice, if somebody has the courage to integrate it.


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