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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Anybody interested in TestTool? I wrote a Java lib to replace it.
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 11:47:41 GMT
On 11/18/11 12:21 PM, Mathias Bauer wrote:
> On 16.11.2011 08:21, Raphael Bircher wrote:
>> Hi Liu
>> Am 16.11.11 03:29, schrieb Zhe Liu:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Vcl TestTool is used by GUI automated testing for, but it
>>> has many drawbacks. Too many errors, difficult to debug, maintain and
>>> execute parallelly. I found many people mentioned this problem.
>>> Libreoffice
>>> has abondoned the tool. But I think GUI automated testing still is
>>> valuable. It can test the product more like the actual users.
>> The problems with the VCLTestTool are well known. But to write a new one
>> is not trivial too. It needs a load of work to bring a new tool to the
>> productiv use. Well, we can maybe use the old testscripts as guide for
>> new testscripts. But the VCLTestTool as is works fine, and you can find
>> errors realy quick. Mainly not working dialoges, crashs and freese.
>> VCLTestTool is not so buggy as many people say. But yes, it needs
>> aditional work to bring it to a productive tool for the community.
> And here's the problem: to work on the testtool, you need the source
> code. And the source code is not available, at least not here at Apache.
> It is based on a very old version of OOo's source code that was written
> years ago. To build it, you will need large parts of the OOo source code
> in that old revision - no good idea, moreover, it's totally unclear if
> this old revision is covered by Oracle's code grant. At least it would
> require and additional IP review.
> Of course some testtool source code also exists in the current release,
> but it is unused and untested since years. I remember that even the
> latest larger code rework in that area (help IDs becoming Strings
> instead of integer numbers) was not done for the testtool, only for the
> testtool library that is loaded in OOo when tests are executed. Instead
> of that larger parts of the testtool source code where just commented
> out to please the compiler ("nobody needs that code, why invest time
> into it"). Sigh.
> Besides that, the available Linux version of the testtool does not run
> on at least Ubuntu 64Bit (with 32Bit libs installed), but probably also
> on other Linux versions. Sooner or later it won't run on more an more
> Linux and probably MacOS versions.
> For me the VCLTesttool is dead. We shouldn't invest time there if we had
> an alternative GUI testing option with available source code. So we
> definitely should give the Java lib a try, if it could be made available
> under a suitable license.
> Until then we should concentrate on writing integration tests in C++ or
> Java. We already have some of them (called "complex tests") and they
> have proven to be the most effective tool for bug hunting that we have.
> Some reasons why they are more helpful, at least ATM:
> - they run much faster than the UI based tests
> - they can be executed in parallel (as much as you want)
> - the gbuild build system supports them, so they can be automated
> without additional tooling (no "test launcher" necessary)
> - they are nearer to the code they test, so the root cause of a bug
> usually is found faster
> - they don't require to learn a strange Basic dialect, developers can
> write them in the same language that they use daily
> - it's common sense that testing through the UI should be done only if
> you want to test the UI itself, but not the code behind it

+1 to all what Mathias has said

We should focus on something new that we have under control.


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