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From TJ Frazier <>
Subject Re: [odfauthors-discuss] Feedback link for our documents
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 10:48:46 GMT
On 11/17/2011 21:54, Rob Weir wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 8:53 PM, Dave Fisher<>  wrote:
>> HI Dennis,
>> +1. We'll need to include a in the migration
> Where the did come from?
> The documentation lists are here:
> I don't see any "feedback" list.  And from what I can tell, the legacy
> doc sets requested feedback to be sent to
> In any case, we should remember that the SYMPA lists are overrun with
> spam.  Ask any moderator of these lists.  Forwarding that spam to
> another list would be very unkind, especially since the target list
> would have no ability to unsubscribe the spammers,  Neither would be.
> You can see what that would lead to over time...
> The best we might be able to do is send back a stock bounce notice for
> incoming emails, with an explanation of the move to apache and a link
> to a wiki page that shows where the common services and lists can now
> be found.    That would catch this case as well as any others.
> -Rob
Hi, Rob,

That's a good thought about bad subscribers, but we haven't any on "my" 
two lists, which are the lists in question. As a long-time subscriber, 
and now owner/moderator of authors@ and dev@ doc.oo.o, I can attest that 
there is a lot of spam (maybe 20/day) sent to the list addresses, all of 
which ends up in the "to be moderated" queue; none of which is sent by 
subscribers, and none of which gets distributed. Since no new spammers 
would be able to subscribe to a dead list, spam by subscribers is not an 

The actual use, i.e., valuable traffic, on those lists is very small, 
but still important. I get one or two "nibbles" per week, from newcomers 
wanting to help with documentation. My boilerplate reply sends them to 
the wiki page, or even to LO.

I would strongly suggest that these two @oo.o addresses be forwarded to 
ODFA (assuming they want that – we should ask), unless and until we 
establish our own doc ML, and not forever; probably until we consider 
OO.o v3.x obsolete. To use a famous figure, 500K addresses might 
over-stress ezmlm, but two shouldn't.

Failing that, your suggestion of a targeted bounce message would 
certainly be better than nothing.

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