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From Andre Fischer>
Subject Re: Draft IP Review Plan for OpenOffice
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 10:19:52 GMT
Hi Eric,

On 18.11.2011 10:00, eric b wrote:
> Hi Andre,
> Le 18 nov. 11 à 09:42, Andre Fischer a écrit :
>> On 17.11.2011 21:30, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>>> There are some odd cases of abandonware having no authoritative
>>> location for downloading and also having
>>> patches. I think dmake is one of those. I have no idea how that ends
>>> up but I think it means dmake disappears as a build prerequisite.
>> I am currently working on removing the dmake sources.
> How do things work on Mac OS X ?and Windows ? Shall we install a "system
> one" using respectively Fink/Darwin port , Cygwin ?

A dmake installed on the system is probably preferable.  It can be 
shared between different child work spaces (I am using this term in the 
widest sense), and reduces the build time (by a little bit.)

There is dmake package for Ubuntu but there is no dmake for cygwin. 
Other environments may or may not have it. So, making it a system 
prerequisite on systems that do not have it ready-made is probably not a 
good idea.

>> There is another thread about this, but you can also have look at
>> issue 118604 for the techincal details. The basic idea is to use a
>> pre-installed dmake executable by default.
> FYI, OOo4Kids and OOoLight uses dmake too. Maybe this could help to
> build on Mac OS X and on Windows probably ? (see below)
>> However, the user can provide a URL for a downloadable tar-ball, which
>> then is downloaded and built in bootstrap.
> Maybe a crazy idea, but what about download dmake sources from Adullact
> repo ?
> Try (in main) : svn co svn://
> The good is this dmake version is directly usable everywhere. The bad is
> that you mix two svn sources (maybe not realistic ... ?)

Well, I could extend the --with-dmake-url configure option so that it 
can not only download a tar-ball but can also check out from an SVN 
repository.  But the advantage of that is probably small.  After all, 
dmake is basically a dead project with little or no changes that would 
require a frequent remaking of the tar-ball.

> Last but not least, Adullact is one big French non profit association,
> working close to french administration, reliable and with high ethical
> objectives. What about ask Adullact to host some problematic sources ?

Sure. Providing Apache OpenOffice specific versions of category X 
licensed code  may be a way to handle the modules that we are currently 
removing.  But I am not sure about the legal implications about hosting 
code on a server that neither belongs to Apache nor the original author.
May be worth another thread.


> Regards,
> Eric

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