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From Martin Hollmichel <>
Subject Re: Time for the ASF to send an Open Letter?
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 10:31:38 GMT
On 11/15/11 6:46 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> I have been mulling this over for a long time...
> Up to now, we have been reactionary. We have allowed others to
> control and distort the message, paint things as a "us vs. them"
> battle (simply to position themselves for personal gain in the
> whole debacle), and foster FUD to the clear harm of the ENTIRE
> OOo ecosystem.
> I think it's time that an Open Letter to the entire Open Office
> ecosystem (companies, entities, individuals, etc...) be drafted
> that sets the record straight.
> And I volunteer to drive this task...
I think this is an excellent idea, this also fit's in plans to do an 
interim release OOo 3.3.1 release. We've just done with displaying the 
OOo readme file after 3.3.1 installation, this would be in ideal place 
for promoting such an Open Letter,
> Comments?

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