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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Mailing list user migration: Staging and volunteers
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2011 02:02:01 GMT

On 2011-11-13 7:20 AM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> On 25/10/2011 Rob Weir wrote:
>> Process for getting a new mailing list created is here:
>> Probably makes sense to start with the largest NL communities first?
> I had a look at this and at the mentioned EZMLM "Moderator's and
> Administrator's Manual" to have an idea, and it seems that the moderator
> role and its processes are quite different from what we are used to at
> While I do have a general understanding now, I still miss some
> information on how the lists are actually configured at Apache:

Yeah, there are some other usual FAQs that haven't been written up on 
that page yet.

> - Must all moderation happen by e-mail through the -accept address and
> similar? Isn't a web interface available?

- Moderation is done over email.  Each email you get has an -accept, 
-reject, and -allow reply address - if you send to the -allow, then that 
user's email address is whitelisted, and that email address can send 
mail in the future without going through moderation.

> - The distinction between a "Moderator" and an "Administrator" is new to
> me, and I realized that at I act much more as an
> Administrator than a Moderator. My most frequent task is a user asking
> me to change his e-mail address, which I have to do in two steps
> (automatically subscribe the new address, then remove the old one; he
> could do it himself of course, but often he experienced difficulties
> while trying). Can this be done on the Apache lists too?

Yes, ezmlm allows moderators to remove and add other email addresses to 
a list.  It still sends a confirmation email, but it sends it to the 
moderator (i.e. you can do this without the user having to respond to 

> - Can a lists be set up so that it automatically rejects posts from
> non-members, sending a (possibly configurable) standard reply?

I'm pretty sure we have some subscriber-only lists, but you'd need to 
check with ASF Infra.  Normally you'd mail with 
specific questions about the details of mailing list setups.

> - Can subject tags and e-mail footers be customized?

Yes, as Rob noted, moderators can send emails to custom addresses to 
check and set footers/headers etc., as well as get the list of subscribers.

Oh, and folks interested in mailing list statistics might like this:

- Shane

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