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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: OOo Business...
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 22:14:15 GMT
Thanks Dave for including the links to some of the existing 
trademark-related pages.

There are a few high level points about branding at the ASF that are 
useful to have a better understanding of, very briefly:

- The ASF holds all trademarks on behalf of, and for the benefit of, 
each of it's projects.  This ensures that users can be assured in the 
long term that our brands will be managed fairly and evenly.

- One of my goals with trademark policy is to move to a state where many 
of the common requests are covered by existing FAQ entries.  So I'm 
hoping - over time, and as we codify more specific policy decisions for 
ways of using Apache brands that we're happy with.

A key point is that as an all volunteer organization, we need to try to 
provide as many answers in existing FAQs to let third parties find many 
answers themselves, or to allow us to simply respond to queries the the 
URL to a FAQ that addresses their issue.  In my experience on other 
projects, most requesters that have a FAQ entries, the requester is 
happy to simply get the link to the FAQ without having the community to 
vote and go through the whole process.

- Third parties with trademark requests need to be provided both a 
public and a private way to make requests.  We should certainly 
encourage people to submit questions on public lists; this helps the 
whole community.  But in some cases, a third party may have a new idea 
or project that they want to keep confidential; in those cases we need 
to respect the privacy of their request if needed (i.e., sometimes we 
should allow them to ask on ooo-private@).

I agree some key migration issues that the PPMC needs to address include:

- Better explaining to users and third parties how we expect people to 
use our brands - which in the near future will include two brands; the 
existing mark, and the to-be-decided mark like Apache 
OpenOffice for the project going forward.

- Figuring out a specific workflow for third parties to 1) check the 
FAQ, or other areas that may answer their question directly, or 2) a 
place to make a specific permission request.

- Shane Curcuru
   VP, Brand Management
   The Apache Software Foundation

P.S. Useful Trademark related documents at the ASF:

Formal policy:

What PMCs are required to do on their sites:

What PMC members are expected to be responsible for:

A basic step-by-step How To for PMCs who want to address potential 

Some key FAQ's (I want to expand this!) about specific trademark issues:

A listing (partial!) of Apache marks:
(This definitely needs updating, especially to reflect which ones are 
registered marks in various jurisdictions).

Rationale section of the Domain Name policy, which I think is one of the 
best places (so far) that I've written that explains the *why* of hour 
our Apache brand policies are they way they are:

The Incubator's existing Podling branding requirements (should be 
updated to better explain and match the PMC requirements someday)

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