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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]+[VOTE] Trademark and Branding
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 16:28:44 GMT
On 2011-11-10 2:18 AM, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:

> i think it is important to know the possibilities later for a project name.
> If we vote for a) and later on the project name would be the same and
> the project Url would be Then i would say a
> bad choice.

Note: the URL to the official community homepage of the project on the 
a.o site is not relevant at the moment, since there's no strict 
requirement for the full brand name of the project to be identical to 
the actual URL.

It would be fine to call it "Apache OpenOffice", and then have the 
community homepage of the project be, for example.  The 
URL only needs to be decided later, before the project graduates from 

> So my question is where should the new product name be used all about?
> Only on the intro screen, in the help system, in all written docu where
> we use the product name. Or also as name for the install directory, menu
> entries etc.

The new project name should be the primary branding of the product as an 
end user would see it on our websites.  I.e. it would be at the top of 
the web page, displayed in the logo (perhaps, depending on the graphical 
design), would say "Download FooBrandSoftware" in the links to the 
download page, and would be part of the actual filename of the primary 
download file that users would install from.

 From a branding perspective, the full product branding does not need to 
be in the menubar, any directory or class or module names, nor similar 
areas - unless the project wishes to use them there.  I really don't 
think we need to worry about the details of the code and the bulk of the 
UI yet; that is a larger discussion that can happen once we actually 
pick a name.

> I never liked the .org but have conditioned my brain to use it over the
> past 14 years. Many people don't say but OpenOffice,
> means it is more often used when you reference the product somewhere in
> written form.

Personally, since the common usage is OpenOffice, I strongly prefer that 
form, as in Apache OpenOffice.

- Shane

> Juergen
>>> Just wondering if there will be a second vote for
>>> the project name.
>>> regards,
>>> Pedro.
>>> --- On Wed, 11/9/11, Donald Harbison<> wrote:
>>>> We've had a lengthy discussion on
>>>> ooo-marketing regarding trademark and
>>>> branding considerations and options. It's time we moved
>>>> forward and made a
>>>> decision in order to expedite the ongoing migration of the
>>>> web site and to
>>>> remove one more obstacle from the dev team.
>>>> We want to preserve and protect the historic
>>>> trademark. The
>>>> choice of an Apache name and new trademark will not impact
>>>> the historic
>>>> mark as granted to the Apache Software Foundation for
>>>> stewardship.
>>>> Since this is a major decision we felt it important to
>>>> bring it back to
>>>> ooo-dev for final discussion then vote. We have the choices
>>>> presented on
>>>> the wiki[1] for your reference.
>>>> [1]**confluence/display/OOOUSERS/**
>>>> Branding+Planning<

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