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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS]: new home for pre-built unowinreg.dll
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 09:54:00 GMT
On 09.11.2011 13:43, Jürgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 11/5/11 1:30 PM, Mathias Bauer wrote:
>> Am 01.11.2011 14:15, schrieb Jürgen Schmidt:
>>> Hi,
>>> for all unix builds it is possible to use a pre-built unowinreg.dll that
>>> is used in the SDK for Java client applications.
>>> Background:
>>> This dll contains some glue code that helps to find a default office
>>> installation on windows. This is used to bootstrap an UNO environment
>>> and establish a remote connection to an existing or new office instance
>>> from the Java client application that triggers this code.
>>> If is possible to cross compile this dll with mingw in some way but not
>>> really necessary. It was always possible to download a pre-built version
>>> and include it in the SDK on all plattforms expecting Windows where it
>>> is built always.
>>> I would suggest that we store this pre-built dll somewhere to ensure
>>> that this mechanism can be used or will work in the future as well.
>>> The URL to download the pre-built version is
>>> The code is part of the odk module and is quite simple. Means it can be
>>> always checked what's in the dll. We can apply a md5 checksum to ensure
>>> that no manipulated dll is downloaded.
>>> Any ideas where we can store this dll in the future?
>> In the build the unowinreg.dll is expected to be in external/unowinreg.
>> Usually the developer needs to copy it there. We could just check it in
>> there in case we wanted to stick with the binary.
> i think it is not allowed to check in binaries in the source tree, at
> least pre-built ones. I would be happy with this solution because it was
> the solution we had at the beginning ;-)

IIRC the reason why we gave that up wasn't legal or technical, it was 
just the religious belief of a single contributor that everything must 
be built from source.

While I agree with that "belief" on a general level, I also think that 
allowing exceptions make sense when the effort to follow it becomes too 

As we already agreed on possible keeping MPL binaries in our svn, why 
shouldn't we keep a binary that was built from our own source, but just 
on a different OS?


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