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From "David C. Rankin" <>
Subject Re: Do recent bugs filed against Libre 3.4 need to be refiled with apache tracker?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 00:44:13 GMT
On 11/09/2011 10:12 AM, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> Hello David;
> If you find a bug in file it directly
> on Apache's bugzilla. Duplicate bug reports are fine,
> they really are.
> So far I am the only one in the business of actually
> committing fixes to issues, so trust me and ignore
> completely what Rob suggested. I will act with extreme
> prejudice ignoring any bug report linked to libreoffice
> on the principle that such contributions or the resulting
> followups are not made under a compatible license. I won't
> even look at them.
> best regards,
> Pedro.

Hi Pedro, Rob,

   Always good to get the scoop 'straight from the horses mouth' so to speak :) 
There are a couple old OOO bugs that would be nice to get cleaned up. Specifically:

#Issue: 81402 Tab Stops
duplicate of: 21292

If we can get default tabs at .50 in the english release instead of .49 in., 
that would make life much better. Bug has only been around for about 7 years or 
so :)

   There is also some horrible default behavior in numbered paragraphs and 
copy/paste that should either be configurable as options or reworked:

copy/paste default

Numbered Paragraph Bug

   I have a couple more floating around I'll have to look up and get them 
registered with the AOO tracker. I should have time to enter them later this 
week or weekend. I'll also have to look up my earlier OOO bugs and revisit them 
as well.

   OOO 3.3 was in reasonable shape. It has some small, but very real annoyances, 
that with a little effort could really make the package shine.

   I use OOO exclusively in my office and I probably use an office suite to a 
much larger extent and degree than 99% of the normal Linux users (I'm a lawyer, 
documents and spreadsheets are my life) I'm also an engineer and Linux nut so I 
have a rather strange set of skills I bring to the table.

   I look forward to the AOO 3.4 release. The 3.X releases have been a bit rocky 
to date. (2.4.x was fantastic)

   Always remember -- make the core pieces of each app logical, efficient and 
bulletproof and always think of backwards compatibility (for the decade worth of 
prior documents that need seamless reproduction), then -- and only then -- worry 
about the gee-whiz new bells and whistles of the package.

   The core of a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation package should 
remain stable and without radical change in function or interface. New stuff 
should be added as options with user configurable options available to control 
new behavior. ( Remember - a new 'feature' is a 'bug' if you can't turn it off )

   Thanks again for your tireless work to date and I look forward to working 
with AOO in the future.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.

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