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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Hunspell dictionaries are not just words lists (+ other matters)
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2011 23:14:22 GMT
On 07.11.2011 12:37, Pedro Giffuni wrote:
> For the record,
> I respect that this type of work takes a *lot* of time and
> hard work, and that people do have the right to make their
> work copyleft.
> There is however, for practical purposes, a huge difference
> for us between MPL/LGPL (the french case) and GPL-only (the
> italian case).

More precisely (as the useles discussion started in this thread
distracted from the real topics):

Apache OOo could include even Hunspell dictionaries under (L)GPL from a
legal perspective, as according to the FSF packaging dictionaries into
an application does not make this a derivative work and so the
application that packs the dictionary does not need to follow the same
license as the dictionary. This allowed us to use GPLed dictionaries in
the past in our LGPLed office application.

But from the Apache perspective we can only package dictionaries
released under compatible licenses, including MPL. And in the latter
case we can't provide the sources for them in our svn repository. This
is not enforced by the copyright of the dictionaries, but by the Apache
rules, as far as I understood. But at the end that doesn't make a big
difference in practice.


(Who thinks that it doesn't matter if the copyright of a dictionary can
be enforced in court or just applies because we respect the will of the
author that he as expressed by choosing a particular license)

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