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From Gianluca Turconi <>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 10:14:26 GMT
Firstly, thanks to Eric for the explanation.

I'm not a developer so, it's rather important that I understand how the 
whole thing technically works. :-)

More comments follow below.

eric b ha scritto:
> 3) at buildtime, the content of every locale is zipped as an extension
> At least this is what I read in dictionaries/util/
> 4) every zipped dictionary is delivered in the solver, and included in 
> the final package, depending on the goal as an extension
> See main/setup_native/source/packinfo/package_names.txt  for the list 
> of available dictionaries.
> 5) at packaging time :
> when packaging an archive, on a given OS, a list of dictionary is 
> used, to add the one needed for a given locale.
> See main/setup_native/source/packinfo/spellchecker_selection.txt to 
> check what dictionary will be installed, for a given locale.
> I'm a bit unsure, but the pre-installed dictionaries (or maybe they 
> are at user install time) are installed as extensions. 
This is the conclusion that Andrea also gave.

However, I'm trying to understand Apache legal approach to code and 
binary releases.

What I've understood is that Apache doesn't allow a code release that 
includes parts ruled from a license not compatible with Apache license.

However, if I'm not wrong, all those not compatible parts can be hosted 
elsewhere (Google extras?) and incorporated at phase 3) or 5) by an 
external builder/packager.

Would the resulting binary/combined package legally distributable as 
"Apache OOo" or not ? Would it be distributable via the OOo usual mirror 

What I'm trying to understand is whether the *binary* release of OOo 
would be managed through internal Apache hardware or not.

If the answer is no, and the normal binary release phase is managed by 
external volunteers/corporations/put-here-your-preferred-entity, I think 
there is no need to distribute an executable file for *end users* 
without all the linguistic tools needed by those users.

The linguistic tools (and GUI translations too?) may be hosted elsewhere 
and incorporate as described above, until the project will have enough 
manpower to change the main spell checking engine and dictionaries.

I hope I've clearly explained what I meant saying. :-)



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