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From Mathias Bauer <>
Subject Re: Need a current build for WinXP 32bit
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 10:08:19 GMT
On 07.11.2011 05:49, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Thanks Mathias,
> I found the ATL headers in the WinDDK/.../inc/atl71/, and libraries
> too.  There is also the ATL Reference Guide and other materials
> available at MSDN on-line, along with some books in a very dusty
> corner of my office shelves.  That is one heck of a dependency.  I
> wonder how much of it actually adds to OO.o to do a static binding
> [;<).
> It would be interesting to see how much could be replaced by
> plain-vanilla COM dependencies.  Not something I will be in any hurry
> to dig into though.  Just something to nag my mind while I
> concentrate on simpler things first.

Basically ATL is not needed at all - everything could be implemented 
without it. But at least some of the code in the very low level COM 
stuff was much easier to write with ATL.

In the former Framework team we have been working on replacing ATL code, 
but we only finished the task for one library. There's still a lot of 
work to do.


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