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From Martin Hollmichel <>
Subject Re: working on a OpenOffice roadmap
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 16:42:10 GMT
Am 20.10.2011 17:36, schrieb Martin Hollmichel:
>> -- How much does this idea rely on the existing Oracle-hosted 
>> infrastructure?  Many parts of that infrastructure 
>> will be shut down soon (at Oracle's choice), so only the new Apache 
>> services - subtly different I imagine - will be available soon.
> I think I'm be able to provide a full list of that dependencies, at 
> the first glance I would think this is doable in quite short timeframe 
> and is an excerise which need to be done anyhow. 
ok, time for a small update:

Crash reporting: can be disabled for the 3.3.1 build, I think this is 
not critical. We should think of re-enabling for future version, it was 
a rather good instrument to see, if a release has a severe problem or not.

User Feedback program: as long as we don't find contributors for this 
project, I'd prefer to disable this.

Product Update Service (PUS): I would like to see this services 
re-established, so we need a new DNS entry and host for this.

for the upload to the mirror network we need a master server 
( and the download balancing the (still available in an Oracle US lab). 
So what ASF needs to do here for a 3.3.1 release is to set up the DNS 
entry to a new server.


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