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From Simon Phipps <>
Subject Re: [ISSUE] must have an MTA / MX
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2011 19:02:52 GMT

On 2 Nov 2011, at 18:54, Joe Schaefer wrote:
>> ________________________________
>> From: Simon Phipps <>
>> On 2 Nov 2011, at 18:31, Dave Fisher wrote:
>>> (Choice one) If only a few addresses continue (like securityteam@oo.o) with the
rest bouncing with whatever message and link then Apache Infra can support it on the normal
qmail/ezmlm system. With or without preserving MLs as subscriber-less forwarders.
>> How easy is it to ensure that all old addresses fail with a polite
and informative message specific to the situation rather than a generic fail?
> While I don't know how to do this off the top of my head
> with postfix,this is something most mail servers will support.
> I doknow how to do this (setup a default autoresponder mailbox
> for the domain)if we go with integration into the existing
> qmail-basedinfrastructure.

OK, thanks, that's helpful. Building on Dennis's point about respecting the community as well
as the committers, I think it would be good to arrange for this if it's decided to shut down
all the mail forwarders people outside the PPMC are using.


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