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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Rationalizing two OpenOffice websites
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:20:24 GMT

First of all ...

+1 To Andrea's general opinion in this email and
welcome as a committer!

I spent some time on the new Italian site (just playing
with Apache CMS) and I updated the links to use relative
URLS and the legal information, but I think thats about
what I was planning to do with it. I am glad Andrea is
here to help as even when I am rather fluent in Italian
my native language is actually Spanish and I don't currently
live in Italy.

I think that, despite being outdated, the Italian site is
much more friendly for both users and developers that the
English site and removing it would be a huge mistake. It
also has many specific links for educators, and consultants.

The Spanish site, on the other hand, is really poor in
content and while I wouldn't feel like helping translate
it, maybe that would make sense.

My recommendation here is to decide what to do case-by-case.
Ultimately just let each community decide, but absolutely
don't remove the site until there is a complete replacement.
For users seeing the own language supported is really


ps. Andrea, please do link the document in the new site :).

--- Dom 27/11/11, Andrea Pescetti <> ha scritto:

> On 24/11/2011 Dave Fisher wrote:
> > Yes and I would avoid doing anymore N-L projects.
> > Since Khirano is willing to do a translation of the
> > new main site. If Pedro and the other Italians and
> MArcus
> > and the other Germans. Plus Alexandro and the Spanish
> are in
> > Consensus to do translations of the new main (Am I
> missing
> > any other "active" N-L projects?) then I am for
> removing all
> > N-L now.
> No, please don't! First of all let me congratulate with you
> for solving most remaining bugs with the Italian site
> import, that the last time I checked had no major display
> issues on the Apache infrastructure.
> Coming to the removal of N-L sites, we do have content that
> is specific: for example, I've just published a link on to a
new guide, in Italian,
> about how to use the DataPilot/Pivot Tables; this was
> provided by an Italian public institution and its natural
> place would be on the Italian N-L site rather than somewhere
> on the wiki.
> So, even though an update (even a major update) of the
> Italian site and of some other N-L sites is acceptable and,
> I'd say, badly needed, I would still keep the possibility
> for the N-L sites to provide content that is
> language-specific and not a translation of content from the
> English site.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

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