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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Source Code Sponsor of OOo
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:59:04 GMT

--- On Tue, 11/22/11, J├╝rgen Schmidt  wrote:
> Changing or removing a PayPal button can't be a big issue.

+1, I can do it but will that mean I have to maintain it?

> I can't read Spanish and therefore i depend on a good
> explanation. But i 
> would really appreciate if we as PPMC can agree on the
> content of all 
> our pages or a least on a concept.

I will do a quick translation here:

OpenOffice.Org is made as a non-profit effort, however it
has a cost as the effort of many volunteers that contribute
their time to the proyect. You can also contribute your time as
a develoer (HTM, graphic desing, etc.) or as an end user (mailing, list, marketing, translations,
etc. ).

But if you cannot contribute your time to the comunity, why not give
something back donating money?

Yo can help ensure the community keeps evolving making both type
of donations so this community keeps working for many years, Your
donations will help us take new challenges:

Hiring programmers
Sponsoring programmers for conferences
Developing extensions
Create a Spanish Spell Checker.

OpenOffice.Org is a registered trademark of the Apache Foundation.
The donations will go to the oooES organization that  has no legal
relationship with the (Apache) Foundation.

(Then the prominent DONATION buttons)
You can contact directly the leader of the project
Alexandro Colorado

Now .. what I don't like is:
- It's a donation page, not really useful for contributors.
- The Apache disclaimer is not very visible in relationship
  with the very visible buttons and it's clearly insufficient:
  there's no link to contribute to Apache.
- There is no hint if oooES has any foundation status or
  if it's for-profit and it would appear to have support
  from the ASF.
- Under no circumstance should we ask for money like this.
  I would think the oooES people should have the independent
  page and perhaps have a discrete link from the AOO site
  but not something so prominent as this.

> I repeat myself that is the reason why i would prefer a
> common concept 
> for all pages and move more individual language community
> pages into the 
> wiki or somewhere else.

My concern with that is that I doubt we have sufficient
volunteers for such a task. OTOH, some sites have made a
great job: the italian site is outdated but has many
relevant links to the community.


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