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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Heads up: KDE Crystal Icon set going away.
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 01:37:31 GMT

--- On Thu, 11/17/11, Ariel Constenla-Haile <> wrote:

> remove the else and kde will default to OOo's default
> (Galaxy).

I would be really afraid of existing users recalling the
icons as too old-stylish. The Tango icons are not really
Gnome specific, they specifically mention KDE in their

> May be a cleaner solution is a configure option to enable
> those
> themes in the build and surround the code with ifdefs?

I dont know: I have to review this change much more
carefully than the Oxygen stuff. I will probably fix
whatever went wrong and leave it in BZ for someone else
to commit and deal with the "I want skins" bikeshed ;).



Ps. I will also reenable binfilter soon: some code
there will likely need touching and we dont want this
unadvertedly broken before the release. I know you
use --enable-binfilter so dont be surprised when its
reenabled by default again ;).

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