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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Artists wanted (was Re: Crystal and Oxygen images)
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2011 19:36:31 GMT
Hello Ricardo;

--- On Sat, 11/12/11, RGB ES <> wrote:

> The problem here is not to create the icon but to package
> them in a way
> AOOo can use: If you look inside the compressed file there
> are thousands of
> images and the naming convention is not easy to understand.
> Someone will need to explain how to build that icon set.

Yes I noticed that, and that's one of the reasons I left for
now the crystal theme. The commit that removed the Oxygen
theme (actually a revert where some files had moved) also
teaches where to put a new iconset, something that was not
clear for me.

> On a side question... freedesktop defined a standard way to
> name icons: if AOOo change to that standard (yes, I know,
> it's not easy, but I'm speculating...) maybe everything
> will be more easy. Maybe it could be
> possible to use the icons provided by the desktop
> environment. This way
> AOOo will only need ONE fall-back theme to use when
> something is missing.

Would that be tango? I think we use them already. For all
I know, the tango files are labelled GPL but I think that
refers to the software used to create them and not to the
files themselves, which I understand are Public Domain.

I think we may have to remove other icons but I haven't
looked at all into the base icons yet and I am crossing
fingers that some of them will be covered by the SGA.


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