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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: agg and epm are still in svn repo.
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 15:09:36 GMT
Hello Jürgen;

I value your feedback on this issue, and I will explain:

First of all agg as it is/was is not an IP threat and, in
general, the rules on how to deal with all the other
dependencies were not in place when I did the update anyways.

1) I updated it to version 2.4: this is the last version
under a BSD license. It was supported by the internal build
system so I doubt anyone complains about having it up to

2) I disabled it by default simply because it's not really
used in the build. I doubt anyone complains about having off
by default something that is not used.

I also learned about, and killed, a header that supported
the GPC extension which is not AL2 compatible, 

I cannot say this has brought any benefit at all but there's
nothing counterproductive as agg was never really productive.

Now about --enable-system-agg; this option is a no-op as all
linux/BSD distributions, that I know of, carry version 2.5
of agg which is explicitly prohibited in OOo. This was done
by SUN, not by me, perhaps because it's GPL'd now or maybe
do to API changes, but it doesn't look like it.

I kept agg around because I think it's important to keep the
last BSD-licensed version in SVN (if we remove it we can bring
it back anytime) and because it may find some uses elsewhere
(anyone in need of a C++ rendering engine, like for SVG? ;-) ).

Further cleanage of the configure script (which I hate to
manipulate to tell you the truth) or even removing agg is
relatively easy.


--- On Thu, 11/10/11, Jürgen Schmidt <> wrote:

> wrote:
> > Hi Maho;
> >
> > I personally didn't plan to remove agg. I like it as
> > option and license wise it's OK so I have no pland to
> > remove it, at least for now.
> well the question really is why you have checked it in this
> way and has 
> disabled it directly afterwards. That doesn't make any
> sense and it was 
> counterproductive from my pov.
> It was initially handled as all other 3rd party modules and
> we could 
> have dropped it and could have kept the option to use it
> (if somebody 
> wants) with the option --with-system-agg. Default would be
> to disable it.
> I think it would make sense if we follow all the same
> rules.
> Juergen
> >
> > I did notice it's still getting built on our port and
> > I have to look at why. I think when I attempt to
> build
> > AOOo from the tarball it doesn't get built but there
> > are other ugly issues with icu there.
> >
> > About epm I don't know, I guess we can remove that
> > directory now.
> >
> > Pedro.
> >
> > --- On Wed, 11/9/11, Maho NAKATA<> 
> wrote:
> >
> >> From: Maho NAKATA<>
> >> Subject: agg and epm are still in svn repo.
> >> To:
> >> Cc:
> >> Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 7:47 PM
> >> Hi,
> >> while porting AOOo to FreeBSD, pgf@ noticed that
> >> agg and epm are still in svn repo.
> >> is it correct? Should we remove them?
> >>
> >> thanks
> >>   Nakata Maho
> >>

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