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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Do recent bugs filed against Libre 3.4 need to be refiled with apache tracker?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 19:22:11 GMT
I will certainly ignore it.

Patches expressly submitted through our bugzilla are
or our mailing list safely covered by AL2 section 5.

While I *could* look at the issue and ask for permission
to apply the the fix, or I *could* implement alternative
fixes, I choose to work with our own community on issues
that have been tested and proved here (and we are not
running short on those). On the long run I think LO and
AOOo will keep diverging more and more and the number
of shared bugs will eventually vanish.

This is my own position though. I don't pretend this
to apply to others and certainly issue submitters can
do their part of the homework when they submit issues
by verifying if it has been solved elsewhere, what
caused it and even if the author is OK with the patch
being applied here: don't expect committers to do
everything, we have a life too!

best regards,


--- On Wed, 11/9/11, Regina Henschel <> wrote:

> I do not understand, why you will ignore solutions found in
> LibreOffice. For example bug
> has a solution in Why
> do you will ignore it?
> (Actually it is a simple typo FontWorkAlignmentController
> -> FontworkAlignmentController)
> Even if you can not take the patch as it is, the bug report
> in LibreOffice might tell you the reason of the problem and
> it might contain valuable comments and test documents.
> Kind regards
> Regina

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