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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: Report Builder extension (was Re: [proposal] development for the first AOO release)
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2011 16:19:03 GMT
Hi Oliver;

I won't ask you to revert this but I think it's a complete
waste of time.

Those tarballs don't really have a home so it's
improbable that someone will get them into their
build, plus it's too many flags to get that building.

My attempt to contact Pentaho concerning this extension
produced no result. I consider this extension orphaned
and I think it should be moved elsewhere out.


(Yes, I woke up on the left side of the bed
 today ;-) ).

--- On Wed, 11/9/11, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> I have finished the improvement - or better the
> correction.
> Now, it should be possible to build the Report Builder
> extension with 
> jars available in the system.
> To do so, the following (already existing) configure
> options have to be 
> used:
> --enable-report-builder
> --with-sac-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libxml-jar=JARFILE
> --with-flute-jar=JARFILE
> --with-jfreereport-jar=JARFILE
> --with-liblayout-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libloader-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libloader-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libformula-jar=JARFILE
> --with-librepository-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libfonts-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libserializer-jar=JARFILE
> --with-libbase-jar=JARFILE
> I have reactivated environment variable SYSTEM_JFREEREPORT.
> It can not 
> be used via a configure option, but is by default set to
> "YES", if 
> configure option --enable-report-builder is used.
> Thanks again for reporting the defect in my contribution.
> Again, feedback is welcome.
> Best regards, Oliver.

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