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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: GPL'd dictionaries (was Re:
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2011 19:38:21 GMT
(I saw Andrea's reply already but I had this written out
before so I I will answer this first.)

Hi Gianluca,

Wow, I see there are deep philosophical issues. I, and
I think the ASF, believe that an online dictionary, even
if it involves commercial use and closing the source is
a great use of our software and it benefits the general

Copyleft imposes restrictions on software and when you
try to impose your "freedoms" to other people, the result
ends up being less free. We respect copyleft, but we want

Being pragmatical I think for 3.4 we will ship with
hunspell binaries of the available dictionaries, just
like LibreOffice does. We still cannot ship the existing
italian dictionary because of the GPL. It is not illegal
to do it but ASF's policies apply here so someone outside
the ASF will have to do it.

On the long run I think the Apache-Way means we give
prevalence to freedom over features so we either move
back to MySpell or we do something completely new based
on Apache openNLP.



--- On Sat, 11/5/11, Gianluca Turconi <> wrote:
> Hi Pedro,
> 2011/11/5 Pedro Giffuni <>
> > Hi Andrea;
> >
> > I have been looking at the situation of the
> dictionaries,
> > and particular the italian dictionary.
> >
> > You are right that it will not be covered by the SGA.
> > Perhaps more worrying is that the italian dictionary
> is
> > the only dictionary under the GPL; most others are
> triple
> > licensed (LGPL/MPL/GPL).
> >
> > We are not allowed to use it, so it will be removed
> > from the SVN server for sure. Beyond that ... well
> > I am not a lawyer and I don't have any idea how the
> > GPL could be enforced in this case, but things are
> > not nice.
> >
> We've discussed a lot about this issue, but  there
> isn't any consensus yet
> about *how *to solve the problem, in a pragmatic way that
> doesn't include a
> license change.
> I know for sure that GPL is not the preferred license for
> at least one
> co-author who liked the even stricter Affero GPL because of
> several GPL
> violations of the Italian dictionary license made by on
> line web services.
> We even contacted a specialized copyright lawyer, though we
> then decided
> not to file any claim against those people.
> Nevertheless, the Italian dictionary is one of the oldest
> dictionary, maybe
> the oldest one except, maybe, English and German, included
> into the OOo
> binary distribution and that wasn't owned by Sun/Oracle. So
> whatever change
> would be made that caused its exclusion from the
> distribution, it would be
> a real regression for our user base.
> We discussed about other ways (on line download via a
> wizard during
> installation time) to let the user chose these linguistic
> tools and, IMO,
> it would be time to define such changes in a surer way than
> a simple
> discussion.
> In fact here:
> I see that even translations for the localizations *may *be
> not covered by
> Oracle SGA.
> An AOOo without a native language GUI and linguistic tools
> would be just
> useless outside the anglosaxon world and, indeed, a rather
> disastrous
> presentation of the new project for people who don't speak
> English.
> So, we may try to discuss deeply and practically these
> topics.
> Regards,
> Gianluca
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